Wilt is a contemporary label founded in 2009 by Roxanne Heptner. Clean lines, uneven hems, a play on proportion along with better fabrics and unusual color together give Wilt a modern contemporary aesthetic.

The line is exclusively designed by Roxanne Heptner, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to creating her own collection. As an expert draper and patternmaker, she has a complete understanding of how the garment should fit on the body. Her unique silhouettes and asymmetrical hemlines have made Wilt known in the contemporary market.

Wilt is produced in the USA and is owned by Roxanne Heptner and Art Pereira. Garment dye is a big part of Wilt’s success, as it allows the customer to machine wash, tumble dry the product while still maintaining its original shape and size. Always flattering to the body, Wilt is known for its generous sizing but also for its shrunken T’s.