Velvet is a collection of basics that offers contemporary style and a fresh approach to simple. The line is designed by Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer. The idea behind Velvet was to create an essential collection of tees with perfect fit and function. Velvet currently conquers the basic market. They are the items everyone needs to have and upon which you can build your dream wardrobe.

Velvet tees come in a wheel of colors and a few lively patterns. It is a line that is simple, sleek and sexy. But don’t be fooled, lots of research has gone into these tees. Try one on and you will know that that Velvet design could not possibly be a mistake.

Velvet has expanded on their line to include pants, sweaters, dresses, and skirts and they have taken the same knowledge of perfect design into each of these categories. Fuschia loves Velvet….so go on girl get a little Velvet in your closet.