Moise Emquies is the designing force behind Splendid, and guess what? He is an attorney. Who can believe that an attorney with no fashion experience would create one of the world’s most perfect t-shirts? It is so perfect that it could only be called Splendid.

Moise started the line in 1992 while awaiting the results of his bar exam. A friend invited him to pass the time by designing a t-shirt line for her boutique. He did massive research on textiles and went on a search for the perfect rayon t-shirt on which to put his first design. His first designs blew out of the boutique and with that Splendid was found.

Splendid is the culmination of Emquies’s tireless search for the softest fabrics and the most color absorbing yarns in the world. Splendid has become an extensive collection of not only t-shirts but tanks, thermals, dresses, shorts and more. Clean, simple and effortless is the best way to describe Splendid.

Splendid has been seen in countless magazines, movies and television shows. It is a favorite to some of the most famous women in the world including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts. Since all of our Fuschia Fashion Divas are as fabulous as all of these celebrities we know that you will adore Splendid. It really is delicious!!!