TA L I A   H A N C O C K  is a premium label based somewhere between Los Angeles and Lima, Peru. Born from a desire for basic pieces with a premium feel, exceptional fit and touch of functionality, its handcrafted designs are for women who consider themselves anything but sexy, but are precisely that.

Each garment is designed in the heart of Lima, Peru and made of pima cotton, or a blend thereof. Known as the King of Cotton, Peruvian pima is prized for its incomparable smoothness, sheen, and versatility. All Peruvian pima is sustainably harvested by hand, resulting in a radiant fiber free of impurities.

The brand's creator, Talia, is, like her namesake brand, half Peruvian and half American.. Her appreciation of options led her to design a tee with a two-way zipper running the length of the garment's back, letting the wearer control the sexiness of the piece with a simple zip or unzip. Fresh out of business school, Talia expanded the line from one tee to an entire collection of casual separates that stand alone or can be layered and worn year-round.

T A L I A   H A N C O C K  blends Peruvian luxury and tradition with modern lines, reintroducing the allure of a tried and true textile; pima cotton. 

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